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charlotte, nc

With 73 years of life fueling my passion, I am not just an aspiring voice actor and model; I am a testament to the timeless synergy of tenacity and grace. Unveiling the harmony of my seasoned voice and the vivacity of my presence, I redefine age as an asset in the world of storytelling and visual charisma.


Christine Harris
Mother Agent
CEO Premiere Models

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"Working with Cindy was an absolute pleasure! With my 30 years of experience watching models on bookings, I can tell you Cindy keeps everyone smiling. Work flow is enjoyable and she can take direction to produce incredible photos! 100% recommend her as a model/actress."

Kim Myers
Casting Producer
CEO of Applause International

Morgan James, NY

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"Cindy Rogers demonstrates an outstanding collaboration, effortlessly combining enthusiasm with professionalism in every project. In my role as a casting producer, where maintaining a high level of professionalism is crucial, Cindy adapts quickly between seriousness and a lively spirit. Her punctuality and devoted work ethic consistently exceed expectations, making her an absolute delight to work with."

Marlana Glaeser
CEO The Glaeser Group

Lisa Driver, MI

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"Cindy is professional, thorough, and a joy to work with."

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